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Our Story

A couple of years ago Maree and I were very fortunate to be in Bali … not just Bali, but Ubud and its surrounding areas … what we quickly saw as “the real Bali”. We were there to learn, to grow and to experience things we had never been exposed to before.

What an adventure. We experienced a totally different way of life. The people were amazing – poor yet so rich. We became immersed in their way of life, we visited ancient spiritual sites, talked to healers, spoke with shop keepers, chatted with folk in the streets.

Our two weeks there could easily have become a year or more. We felt so removed from life here in Australia (and no doubt life in the “western world” in general). Things seemed to slow down, nothing was a problem, everything was as it should be.

Back in Australia we quickly got caught up in the hype of our “normal life” … all the pressure, the stress, the expectations, the need to be “successful”.

Feeling this all over again was not a pleasant experience, but it did teach us a very valuable lesson. When we came back from Bali we were so relaxed and “in our zone” … our natural flow state, even though it was an experience fairly unfamiliar to us at the time. It felt great! It felt as if we could do anything, nothing seemed too hard, and everything seemed to fall in place … effortlessly.

But … faced with “normal life” it all collapsed. Life was back to looking for new clients, seeking new markets, developing new programs, writing new material, and so and so on – long hours, hard negotiations, the stress of keeping on moving forward as was expected of us.

What did this teach us? Simple. In Bali we had learned to be “in flow” – a state where all seems effortless and fulfilling.
But back in our old life we felt again the day to day pulls on our time and efforts. We realised we had fallen “out of flow”. Having now experienced these two extremes we made a conscious decision to explore this, and never fall victim to this negative state ever again. A great ambition, but one nearly impossible to achieve and maintain.

We realised we had an even bigger dream to achieve – find out why people move in and out of flow, what stops this, what triggers it, and how we can all learn to control this towards enjoying a life that is rewarding and successful. All of us, within our families, as couples, whether at work or at school, are capable of experiencing heightened connection, enhanced interaction and engagement, and very successful performance in all that we choose to do.

This has become our work and life purpose – to work with others in supporting them find their flow … and their “perfect relationships”, in every part of their lives.

It is our gift to you: to flow or not to flow. This choice was ours … and it is also yours.

Our Background

We are Relationship Connection and Engagement Specialists, partnering with individuals, couples and families across the globe to grow their engagement and connection from the ground up. After spending many years working with and alongside experts seeking to help others in their personal and professional development, we truly know what drives us all towards that “perfect relationship”, knowing that each step forward is one step closer to greater understanding, awareness and acceptance between people in their relationships, whether at home, at work, or within their “play environment”.

We have immersed ourselves in the study of human behaviour at the “foundation level”, and have travelled and studied extensively in pursuit of the knowledge and skills we believe can make a difference in people’s lives. Our articles in several well-known online and print magazines and journals (and soon to be released books) have served to reinforce our reputation as experts who are able and willing to work with people at all stages of life towards supporting personal life harmony.

We are the Creators and Founders of Love Dynamics

…as well as Work Dynamics, The Engageability Formula and Multiple Brain & Dance Integration Therapy, a unique combination of mBIT, NLP, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, behavioural and cognitive awareness and dance/movement aimed at assisting individuals to engage and empower at a level most never experience.

We are focused on bringing these collectively to individuals, couples and families worldwide as the basis of a simple but powerful philosophy … strong and reliable foundations are the building blocks of human communication, connection and engagement.

Jeff Withers

Hi. I have degrees in Psychology and Education, along with a Graduate Certificate in NLP (as a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Diplomas in Business, Project Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing … qualifications that allow me, in combination with my experience, to be of immense value to others over time. In addition, I am a Certified and Accredited Performance, Flow and PSR Consultant with Talent Dynamics and Wealth Dynamics, as well as a Master Trainer.

I have developed a strong interest in the i-Ching, the ancient Chinese science that is the basis of Carl Jung’s work on personality types that forms the basis of psychometric testing in today’s business world, and see this science and wisdom as the foundation of the work being done by Love Dynamics within the personal lives of individuals, couples and families worldwide.

Maree Malouf

Hi. I have Diplomas in Interior Design, Government, Business and Project Management. In addition to a list of other qualifications, I am a Certified and Accredited Flow Consultant with Talent Dynamics, Trusted Sales Dynamics and Talent Dynamics for Young People. My strong belief in the power of “people” has led me on a personal journey of learning and sharing that I believe is reflected in the clear value I enjoy providing to others seeking success.

As an accomplished ballroom dancer (having competed nationally and been placed in the top of my field in Australia), I utilise my dancing expertise, life experiences and a strong interest in the i-Ching, Eastern science that forms the basis of much of our Western world of psychology today, to help others achieve their dreams and goals.

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